ABTP Tax Conference Registration

ABTP NTC Breakout Sessions

Showcase Your Expertise  Association of Black Tax Professionals National Tax Conference. This is your chance to engage directly with hundreds of tax professionals and business leaders. 

  • Private Breakout Room: Spend an hour in a dedicated breakout room presenting your services and interacting with attendees. This intimate setting is perfect for forging connections with potential clients and partners.

  • Marketing Exposure: Each participant will receive a marketing bag insert, allowing you to place promotional materials directly into the hands of conference attendees, enhancing visibility for your products or services.

  • Tech-Enabled Presentation: Our breakout rooms come equipped with a television for digital displays and a table for your presentation materials. Feel free to video record your session for further marketing leverage.

  • Continued Promotion: Post-conference, your business will be featured on a Marketing Monday within our ABTP group, boasting over 6,000 members. This monthly feature will continually highlight your services to the ATP community.